The First Maharishi Peace Palace in Lebanon

This magnificent building will be the first in Lebanon built entirely according to Maharishi Vedic Architecture in harmony with the Laws of Nature, fully supporting those residing or working in it, promoting perfect health, creating and radiating coherence.

The Vision

The Maharishi Peace Palace will be the first permanent home for Total Knowledge in Lebanon built to raise individual consciousness and create greater coherence in Lebanon and the whole region.

Living in Vastu

Would you like to reside in the Peace Palace? Imagine the comfort, harmonious atmosphere and quality services you will enjoy, and learn about the various suite categories and purchase options!


Support the Peace Palace construction with your generous donation! Find out how you can support our project and what benefits you enjoy as a donor.

About Us

The Peace Palace association (PPA) was founded as a non-profit specifically for realizing this project. Our Board, our project and fundraising team as well as the advisors are fully committed to realizing this vision in a professional manner.

 “Create homes of peace. Participate in your own city. Participate in building Peace Palaces… Any one of you can create these Peace Palaces where you can bring good health, bring higher states of consciousness, to the people. Don’t think that ‘Nobody asked me.’”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 29 August 2004